Coming to Kickstarter September 5th!

Arcade Fighter is a competitive and strategic tabletop game that brings the fun of smashing your friends in the arcade to your kitchen table. Customize your game for short fights, or longer grinds. With one-on-one play, tournament style, and tag team fights, Arcade Fighter provides hours and fun and replay-ability.

Choose from six elite fighters, each representing their respective martial art. Go head-to-head, assemble strike combos to perform devastating attacks and claim victory.

The unique mechanics in Arcade Fighter revolver around card placement and that of your opponent's cards. The cost of performing a strike or combo -- sacrifice your footing. It's all about balancing risks and rewards and learning how to read your opponent  and strike when the time is right.

There is a lot of interaction between players, as defending players can block combos, and attacking players can string together strikes and combos to efficiently to be blocked.

Arcade Fighter is easy to learn, but difficult to master. And game length is customize-able for casual players or hard-core fighters.